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The other day I was on MySpace, engaged in one of my favorite pastimes: denying “friend requests” from a bunch of wack rappers and bands.  When it comes to talentless, dime-a-dozen musicians, my mouse is a big rubber stamp that reads “DENIED.”  But I eased up on the trigger at the sight of a lovely young lady named Phoenix.  Her angelic face, wicked curves and killer gams made this particluar request a no-brainer: “Hell yeah.  We can be friends, cutie.”

“I saw you on Annie’s page and thought it would be cool to check you out. What do you do?” asked my foxy new friend.

That simple question snowballed into this beautifully-illustrated shrine to Phoenix Vixen.  Remember the name, Spizzy Familia; this hottie has the natural gifts to strong-arm her way through the modeling arena.

Saunter below the jump to see more pictures and to eavesdrop on our conversation.


Assuming it’s your stage name, why’d you choose Phoenix?

I was never the most secure person growing up, nor the most attractive. I was a bit of a nerd, but when I graduated high school I found myself and became more confident.  I felt like I had this sort of rebirth; the rose from concrete… the Phoenix from the ashes.

Good answer.  Why did you become a model?

I love being in front of the camera! It’s fun.  I can be a different character each time.


What type of guy do you like?

OOOOH! This is a hard one (laughs). I’m not picky… just a guy with a nice smile, a nice body and a funny personality. Is that picky? I have a weak spot for Latino guys: Colombians, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans… something about that Latin flavor.

I feel you.  Like my man Crucifixio said, “Latinas are my Kryptonite.” Do you know my queen, Annie Thao?

I LOVE ANNIE! I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her but she is one BAD chick. She’s among my favorite models.

You ain’t bad yourself, Phoenix.  So what projects do you have coming up? Where can the Thirst Mob see you?

Right now I’m working on photo submissions, keeping my fingers crossed.  So hopefully you’ll be seeing me in a men’s magazine near you.  But in the meantime you can see me at Model Mayhem and my official MySpace page.


Cool.  How would you like to be on my Fantasy Wife Team? You’d be in good company… Keri Hilson, Rosario Dawson, Stacy Dash… They’re all down.

(Laughs) Stacy Dash is hot! I’d love to be on any team with her on it!!

Great… I’ll get you a rookie contract.  Training camp begins right now.


I’m a G.M. who can spot talent and PHOENIX VIXEN is a draft-pick well spent.

She’s a promising rookie with plenty of upside…


…and a pretty nice backside.

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