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“I’m the new phenomenon like white women with ass…”

-Ludacris, “Blow It Out”

What Luda refers to as a new phenomenon, I refer to as evolution.  As the world turns, all things evolve.  Golf was an old White man’s sport and now its best player is a young person of color.  Both New York and Cali dominated rap until the Southern United States eclipsed them both.  And the emergence of CoCo and Annie Thao prove that Black and Latina women no longer monopolize the booty game.

To hammer that point home, I present sought-after model and top-tier adult-film actress Kelly Divine. Miss Divine is gifted with naturally ridiculous proportions; her tapered waist leads to a whopping 40-inch, 100% real butt.  After reviewing a bunch of her skin flicks for research purposes, I was compelled to enlist the buck-wild Kelly Divine for my Fantasy Wife Team.  Not only are her many on-screen performances golden, Kelly Divine has recently graced the newsstands in popular non-pornographic men’s magazines.

I relentlessly pursue my goals and Miss Divine’s shapely bubble was in my crosshairs.  So I went at her hard (no pun intended) and hit the jackpot with the following exclusive interview.  Pull back the black curtain for our interesting Q&A session and a collection of super-sexy pics.  But wait horn-dogs… there’s more.  Also included is a killer BONUS VIDEO of Kelly Divine shaking her money-maker and it won’t cost you a dime to watch.  If you like what you see, toss a stack at your monitor and make it rain.

Needless to say the environment below the jump is not work safe.  But it is fun as hell.


Black Pacino: You’ve been featured in a lot of mainstream magazines lately. Please don’t tell me you’re leaving porn.

Kelly Devine: Yes, I am featured in like five (magazines) between May and June alone! See me in SHOW Pearls, TEARSHEET, Damn Girl, Sweets, Silk and many more to come soon!! And NO, I am not leaving porn!

Pacino: Yay!!  With a booty like that did you have a lot of Black dudes hittin’ on you when you were coming up? You know how we love “junk in the trunk.”

Divine: Yes! That and because I grew up in Chester (Pennsylvania) which is a predominately Black neighborhood. I think all the brotherly love is what made my butt get bigger… my ass is an attention whore!


Pacino: What are some your interests?

Divine: I love food, I like to eat it and cook it. And yes I can cook! I watch a lot of A&E channel as well as my favorite show, Family Guy. I like listening to a good variety of music but I must say that old school hip-hop is probably my fave. My favorite artist, however, is Lil’ Wayne.

Pacino: In your private life, are average guys… non-porn studs… intimidated by you? Are they afraid to have sex with you thinking they can’t match up? Do you even give average Joes a chance?

Divine: I think that in my private life average dudes probably are intimidated if not by me, then by the fact that I do porn. Heck, I would be! I’m not into “porn sex” though. I think that if a guy made an obvious attempt to fuck me like a porn star it would annoy me ‘cause for one, he’d fail.  And for two, that’s not what I want. Guys need to just be themselves in and out of the bedroom. Any girl that would hold that against you isn’t worth it anyway.


Pacino: Some people stereotype all porn actresses as having troubled childhoods, psychological issues and drug problems. What are your thoughts on this?

Divine: Everyone in the world has had their share of problems growing up but not everyone runs to porn (laughs). I had a decent childhood I’d like to think but making a general statement like that is kind of ridiculous. Sure, many girls are fucked up but at the same time many girls are just normal women with strong sexual appetites and a great head on their shoulders.  And then there are the girls in between. From the people I’ve met, I can say that everyone in this business has their own reason for entering and staying. People in the porn game come from all walks of life. I’ve met the abused girl and I’ve met the girl who is also a lawyer. And me, I just fell into porn by crazy chance and never looked back. I have big plans just wait and see!

Pacino: I believe you.  Want to join my Fantasy Wife Team? Another white woman with a huge booty, Ice-T’s wife CoCo, is on the squad.  Not to mention Salma Hayek, Stacy Dash and Beyonce.  How about it, Kelly?

Divine: Sign me up!! Can all the wives play together too when the fantasy husband isn’t around… and hell, when he is around?

Pacino: That answer alone puts you in my team’s starting line-up.  What are some projects you’ve got in the works and where can the Thirst Mob see you?

Divine: Please join my mobile club by texting the word “DIVINE” to 32075. That gets you free photos as well as updates and info about yours truly.  Look for me in many magazines in 2009 as well as new adult flicks that are being released all the time! I’m also trying my hand at the music video game so keep your eyes peeled! Make sure you all pick May’s issue of SHOW Pearls magazine. I’m on and follow me on Twitter.  I’m all over YouTube and really plan on being in your face this year so look out!

Pacino: I look forward to it 🙂






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