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Unlike the syrupy-slow mixtapes from her hometown of Houston, Texas, there’s nothing chopped or screwed about Aimee My’Le Nguyen.  The petite young model is quite easy on eyes. And the tempo of her career is not moving at a snail’s pace; Aimee’s endeavors are on a rapid climb.  Miss Nguyen’s captivating curves are featured in magazines like SILK and Southern Belles.  She’s also appeared in the video for “Busy Body” by Paul Wall, Webbie and Mouse.  Now she’s here, instantly upgrading the look of The Spizzy.

This lil’ firecracker packs punch where it counts, with tight contours that swerve gracefully around her frame.  Her face is one that not only a mother could love, but anyone with the gift of sight and an appreciation for beauty.  Those are two things that I have, so Aimee found a place in my team’s rotation.

Before you read our Q&A session and get a taste of her sweet photos, here’s a nugget of trivia: Aimee and I are Tauruses who share the same birthday, although I was born  light-years earlier. Our birthstone is the diamond.  And like the most expensive and coveted rock on Earth, Aimee My’Le Nguyen is here to shine.


Black Pacino: How did your modeling career begin?

Aimee Nguyen: One of my best girlfriends knew someone who’s car was entered into HIN (Hot Import Nights) 2008 in Austin, Texas. He needed a girl for his car to take pictures with his car every now and then and he saw photos of me. He liked my pictures, so I proceeded to go to Austin from Houston.  During the car show, I took pictures all day.. I was mistaken for a real import model! I took pictures with car teams, on their cars, with grown men and little boys. (Laughs) Sooo silly but I always dreamed of being paid for looking good.  That day made me realize that I could do anything I want in life… so I went ahead and did it.

Pacino: What separates you from the other young ladies in this game?

Aimee: There are a lot of beautiful ladies in the modeling game… a lot of ladies who are more beautiful than me! I have a few advantages but don’t get me wrong… I have quite a few disadvantages also. I think I am blessed to have the body that God almighty gave me. I definitely am not your average Asian girl. I’m also very lucky that both of my parents are attractive, therefore I ended up with pretty decent features in the face. I do know that there aren’t too many Asian girls like me in the Hip-Hop/Rap portion of modeling. Sorry, but a lot of people would agree that they’re usually butter-faces or are chunky all over… which is why they have some curves.  Geez, I should stop now.  This was a hard question to answer without sounding too conceited.


Pacino: Be conceited.  Like Remy Ma said, you’ve got a reason.  What do you enjoy most about being a model?

Aimee: I love being in front of the cameras and underneath the lights. I work my ass off for some shoots and I can’t wait until I get to see the outcome. I think that’s one of two things I enjoy most: One, seeing the outcome of my hard work.  Two, hearing what my fans and other people think about the work.

Pacino: What part of your body gets the most compliments and attention?

Aimee: That’s hard to say… it depends what the person giving the compliment is into.  My bottom is the first thing you usually see from afar.  But my tattoos do pull a lot of attention too!


Pacino: What are some of your other interests?

Aimee: Diamonds, shoes and food! My favorite past time is to dine and recline. I love to bake, want to learn how to fly a helicopter and plan on being a housewife!

Pacino: Ah, diamonds… I’m interested in those too. What’s the worst pick-up line someone tried to use on you?

Aimeee: “Daaaamn, girl! I know you look good but I look good too!” (Laughs) That one is just funny.

Pacino: That’s pure gold! I’ll stash it in the vault.  Got any more?

Aimee: “I’m half-black… from the waist, down.”  Gross, you should not try to pull females by talking about your penis… please don’t ever say that to any female!

Pacino: I’m black from head-to-toe so that one won’t do me any good.  What’s the way to Aimee’s heart?

Aimee: I just need a man who’s going to be real with me. I know you men fuck up… it’s human nature.  All you need to do is be honest and learn from your mistakes. No one is perfect, not even me.  I’m just reeeeeal close to perfect.. you know? (Giggles) So to get to my heart you need to be honest, caring, thoughtful… and it’s a done deal! I fall pretty easily.


Pacino: Go ahead and fall… I’d be more than happy to catch you.  Which do you prefer: big clubs or intimate lounges?

Aimee: I do like big clubs… for my girls night out times. But right now, I’m in chill mode and I’d rather sit and have a drink with my homeboys at a more intimate lounge.

Pacino: What’s your  hood like?

Aimee: My hood is in the northside of Houston, Texas. We got grocery stores, liquor stores, corner stores. Public transportation, schools, neighborhoods, apartments… kids playing, homeless people, dealers and whores who argue with themselves in the middle of the street. It’s not a very safe area but the good thing is that it’s so close to downtown Houston. So really, it’s like I’m in the middle of the city and I’m just minutes away from every location.


Pacino: You’re still a youngster… have you even decided on your life goals yet?

Aimee: Yes I have. I wanted to do cosmetology and I did already.  Modeling… met my goal but I’m still curious to see how far I can get. School, I’m still working towards my degree but the bad part is I’m not sure why I’m even going to school! I want to travel before I settle down. I wanna be successful but happy. I want to be a housewife and a loving mother later on… a comfortable-ass housewife. I want my master bedroom to be sound-proof, you know what I’m saying? So that tells you how comfortable I gotta be (laughs). My main goal is to be happy and live a life full of love!

Pacino: That’s the American dream, ain’t it?

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