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Hickok45: Way of the Gun



One thing I love most about John Woo movies are the graceful, almost balletic gunfights.  The heroes of his flicks use guns like Jimi Hendrix used guitars.  I know plenty of niggaz with guns but most of ’em simply point and squeeze… or clumsily spray the whole damn block, striking the occasional schoolkid or grandmother.  Not cool.

Hickok45, however, doesn’t need John Woo to choreograph his shoot-em-up flicks.  Hickok45 is a gun expert who films entertaining videos of him bustin’ caps with Terminator-like accuracy.  This past Halloween, he used a Glock to carve a pumpkin into a Jack O’ Lantern.

Semi-automatics, rifles, vintage guns, military firearms, shotguns… you name it, Hickok is in a video bustin’ caps with it.  And big orange gourds ain’t the only objects that he mercilessly shoots the shit out of.  For instance…

When the washing machine stopped working, Hickok45 put it out of its misery.  Let that be a warning to other household appliances that don’t wanna do their fuckin’ job.

He also turns vehicles into Swiss cheese, putting an improbable twist on the phrase “drive-by shooting.”  Like G.I. Joe or the A-Team, Hickok45 seems to have endless ammunition.  To enhance his growing legend, Hickok 45 packs an arsenal that would make T.I. jealous…

What’s the secret of his dead-on accuracy? Maybe even at his age, Hickok45 has eagle eyes.  Or maybe he envisions that his targets are nappy-headed, big-lipped porch monkeys (he’s from Nashville, Tennesee after all).  But whatever gift he possesses to shoot shit up, it’s highly entertaining.

Photos and my rambling won’t do this gray-haired gunclapper justice, so enjoy these videos of Hickok45 in action.





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