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Latin Spice, The Original Queen Of Booty



The Law of Attraction is real.

A year ago I dedicated a shrine to pioneering urban model and Original Queen of Booty, Latin Spice.  Hundreds of viewers flock to that post on a daily basis, making it one of The Spizzy’s highest-ranked entries (67,777 views and counting).  In fact, when you Google “Latin Spice” her tribute at The Spizzy is the first link to pop-up.  Online, we are forever joined.

After one of her loyal subjects brought my shrine to her attention, The Queen and I were properly introduced.  We’ve been good money ever since.  So I’m honored to have Latin Spice at The Spizzy today, choppin’ it up with me in her own words.  She was even gracious enough bless me with exclusive photos and a hot video clip.

The Queen also granted me access to her official website, THEORIGINALLATINSPICE.COM, which is a goldmine of sexy photo sets.  Special guest models make appearances and Latin Spice occasionally performs live cam shows, so booty-lovers ought to sign up with the quickness.

Unlike most of the so-called urban models who clutter the game today, Latin Spice doesn’t rely on 50 layers of Photoshop to make her beautiful.  She looks the same in person as she does in pictures.  With Latin Spice, what you see is what you get and that’s been her appeal since she hit the scene in 2000.  Forget these airbrushed, surgically-enhanced Brides of Frankenstein… Ms. Spice is the real deal.

Without further ado, I now present my interview with The Original Queen of Booty, Latin Spice.  These other chicks don’t have buns big enough to fit in her throne.

Black Pacino: How did you enter the modeling game?

Latin Spice: Somehow my mother saw the beauty and potential in me and thrust me into the world of modeling at the age of four. So I didn’t have a choice, it was pre-determined by my mother.

Pacino: How do you feel you impacted the modeling arena? What did Latin Spice bring to the table that had not been there before?

Spice: I brought a different kind of soft porn and a big juicy booty. Well, I am the PIONEER of thick big booty urban beauty online modeling since 2000. The Original Queen of Booty… all other online urban models came 5 years after me in 2005.

Pacino: You disappeared from the scene for a while, right at your peak.  Why did you decide to lay low?

Spice: At the time I was too young still a teen.  Plus working with a so-called partner didn’t do it for me, so I laid low figuring out how to do it on my own.

Pacino: You’ve returned to the game and haven’t lost a step.  How do you maintain that sexy, shapely body?

Spice: I used to be a gym freak and now that I am older, I feel just like fine wine getting better with time. Gravity has re-shaped my body to a fuller, thicker, sexier ME… bigger and lustier than ever.

Pacino: As one of the very first models to blow up online, you’re a pioneer.  What are your thoughts on the “urban modeling” scene now?

Spice: Well I have to say, these upcoming models have taken the beauty out of pictures with their overdone and overrated so-called “glam” they put on the photos… making them look cartoonish or super hero like. It saddens me that nowadays people are not satisfied with the body that God gave them.

Pacino: Do you feel that you get the respect & credit that you deserve for being a pioneer?

Spice: I have tons of fans from back in the days and there also some of my fans that don’t know that I am back and here to stay. Well, from all of them I get the recognition as you wrote on your blog.  Then there’s the new people that will soon discover that I am the ORIGINAL in every sense of the word. I guess as time passes people will recognize I am the real deal. Real like me, I don’t think you’ll find that out there.

Pacino: These days, a lot of photo studios overuse Photoshop & airbrush the hell outta the models.  But you always kept it real.  What do you think about the obsession with Photoshop & why do you go all-natural?

Spice: Me personally, I think it looks horrible ‘cause now that I am changing the game again, models post pics without all the Photoshopping glam and they don’t look nothing as their site portrayed. Some asses are deflated, cellulite-infested and without make up, oh my God! It looks so sad! I keep it natural because I am the same in my website and hanging out, I am originally unique in everything I do.

Pacino: Dudes are fanatical about you.  How does it feel to touch so many fans… or rather, have them touching themselves?

Spice: It’s always been a pleasure to help those in need of a little less hardcore way to satisfy their imagination.

Pacino: What do you love most about your occupation?

Spice: I love keeping my fans on the edge of their seats waiting for my next gallery. Contemplating what I’ll be doing next.

Pacino: Your sister, Sky, is pretty freakin’ hot too…

Pacino: So what’s up with Sky these days?

Spice: Well what can I say it runs in the family, good genes? She’s doing good laying low. Maybe one of these months she comes out of hiding. (winks)

Pacino: Scarlett is another UPV legend who impacted the scene as well.  Are ya’all friends?

Spice: Yes we are booty legends…not close friends per se, but if we see each other we hug and kiss, chat for a bit or maybe even get a drink, depends on where we are.

Pacino: When it comes to men, what are your turn ons & turn offs?

Spice: I detest belligerent and volatile personalities. If a guy is a hothead with a temper that turns me off. I like a sweetie with a cool head on his shoulders who can put up with my particular brand of madness 24/7.

Pacino: What’s the kinkiest item you own?

Spice: Oh my God. Well Mr. Pacino, I must say I have tons of those… the lucky guy I’ll settle with will have tons of sexy and kinky outfits to roll play and keep him looking forward to coming home. The kinkiest thing I have at home I would say would have to be this Monchichi that I love playing with. It’s soft and furry and hits the spot (winks & laughs).

Pacino: Here’s a multiple choice question in regards to lovemaking.  Choose as many as apply.  “I like to have my 51-inch booty: (a) spanked (b) massaged with oil (c) licked (d) nibbled (d) tickled (e) gripped hard (f) all of the above (g) none of the above.”

Spice: Oh my God! (Laughs) My goodness… well, I would have to go with (F) all of the above. For sure.

Pacino: You’re a legend & by far one of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen.  But unlike many of these new models, you’re very down to Earth and humble, which makes you even sexier.  With all the attention your receive, how do you stay grounded?

Spice: I’ve never lost any of my home values and teachings my mom gave me, no matter what I have accomplished I feel better when I share with an open heart.

Pacino: What are some of your current/upcoming projects & endeavors?

Spice: I will surprise you as each week and months passes by.

Pacino: You run a modeling agency.  When scouting talent, what do you look for in a model?

Spice: I need an open-minded model with a nice medium to thick body.

Pacino: Can you talk a lil’ about your book deal? What will the book be about?

Spice: Well, I can’t say much about this subject but it will be a form of a Latin Spice Memoirs.

Pacino: At what point in life did that big booty of yours gain attention & how did the fellas react?

Spice: I must say since about the sixth grade, by the time I reached high school I was already wearing my brother’s clothing.

Pacino:  Are there any models out there whose work you like?

Spice:  There’s a few models that have a nice and strong shape but none can compare to the uniqueness and naturalness of The Queen of Booty Latinspice (laughs).

Pacino: If there was one thing you could change about the current modeling industry, what would it be?

Spice: Models fixing their pictures… I feel that if it’s not for a magazine spread or something in that field, models should give their fans there natural self. I guess they need to be confident enough, eh?

Pacino: You’ve done a lot of photo shoots.  Do you have a favorite shoot or set of photos that you consider your best work?

Spice: I’ve done tons of shoots and most galleries are over 100 pics… but I must say that Yellow Sling was a nice shoot. But as to my best work I would say my poster calendar, which is on sale now.

Pacino: Do you choose those sexy outfits yourself or do you have a stylist?

Spice: No sir I don’t have a stylist. I do everything myself unique and natural, I decide what I will wear and if I will have some makeup on as well in which case I do my own makeup. I also decide what theme or scenery I will be using on each shoot.

Pacino: What’s the greatest compliment your booty has ever received?

Spice: Well so far what I have liked is being told that I have the booty of a Goddess and the body of an Amazonian queen. I like that one (laughs).

Pacino: When you first saw my “shrine” to you, what did you think?

Spice: I was very impressed at all the content you managed to put together; it must have taken a lot of time to get all that together. It was amazing looking at it and imagining the thought you put into it. Glad to be recognized for coming out in 2000 and becoming a legend of the internet urban modeling scene.

Pacino: You’ve already changed the game.  Now that you’ve returned, what are you going to do for an encore?

Spice: Well, Pacino… I changed it back then and I am doing so right now. See how models are putting more pics hanging out on their daily wear, posting pics with makeup and without, even a manicure (laughs).  You’d be surprised how models follow when they feel threatened.  I will still have this game on lockdown (laughs).

Pacino: Any parting words for your adoring fans?

Spice: I love you all and you can always keep track of me through my Yahoo group that has tons of pictures never seen.  Plus the more exclusive and kinky stuff its located on my site check me out on the links below…

Thank you so much Mr. Black Pacino for having me and updating your blog. Besos y abrazo your QUEEN OF BOOTY LATINSPICE.

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And just so you know that her phatty ain’t no fluke, I now present a video clip given to me by the Queen of Booty herself.  No camera tricks.  No airbrushing.  No special effects.  Just 100% pure Latina azz.  You may need bigger eyes to soak it all in…

[dailymotion id=xgxt9e]

Latin Spice has a calendar/poster on sale now for $12.  Send check or money order to: SERIOUS SEXY SPICE LLC, P.O. BOX 1453, YONKERS NY 10702.

Please allow 3-4 business days for delivery.

Okay… cuz I love the Thirst Mob so much, here are some bonus Latin Spice pics.  Don’t ever say Black Pacino ain’t do nuthin’ for ya’all.


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