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The Lovely Latinas Of Spicy Magazine



Spicy Magazine, a new men’s mag featuring all Latina models, is a high-quality publication that may give SHOW a run for its money.  Yesterday, I copped the premiere issue and it lives up to its “Collector’s Edition” billing.  Spicy preview pics have been floating around the internet for months but the magazine finally reached the stores.

Big Apple Models, the company who produced these stunning visuals, does extremely good work.  Unlike most “urban model” photographers, Big Apple doesn’t go insane with the Photoshop; they enhance their already beautiful models, rather than cheapen them with too much airbrushing.

The magazine also features veterans like Rosa Acosta and Alana Marie, along with gorgeous newcomers like Yasmin and Xtina Moel.  Spicy also has a nice app for Android, which I also bought to make my G2 happy.  The app comes with free wallpapers and since I’m such a humanitarian, I decided to share these goodies with the Thirst Mob.

Awesome photos of the Spicy girls are posted below the jump and if you also have a Droid, they can be downloaded as wallpaper (maybe they’ll fit on iPhone too).  Just click the pic to enlarge.  If you’re viewing this post on your mobile device, that’s even better.  There’s also a Spicy video preview as well.


Once again, I gotta shout-out Big Apple Models… their photos are superb.  And before we get to the video, I have to post two killer pages from Spicy.

First, the unbelievably fine Jennifer Skye

Jennifer was in Smooth magazine talkin’ some extra-freaky shit not too long ago.  She looks better in Spicy, though.  Goes to show that the right photographer and editor can make a world of difference.  The game really needs her, so I demand she do more shoots.

Of course, Rosa Acosta and that wonderful body of hers is always welcome at The Spizzy…

Damn, just… damn.

Make sure to cop the premiere edition of Spicy, ON SALE NOW!!!!

I have a feeling this magazine is gonna do big things.

Have a sneak preview by way of video…


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