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Maria Ozawa, Erotic Japanese Torero



If there’s one adult-film starlet worthy of the “Too Pretty For Porn” title, Japanese-born Maria Ozawa is it.  Maybe that’s why she retired as an AV idol… at least for now.  In 2008, Ozawa acted in her first mainstream film, Invitation Only, billed as “Taiwan’s First-Ever Slasher Horror.”  It was somewhat of a pioneering move for T.P.F.P. chicks: A year later, Sasha Grey grabbed the lead role in Stephen Soderbergh’s Girlfriend Experience and gave up adult film too.  Well, at least they didn’t find Jesus… so there’s a chance they’ll be back.

Regardless, we can still enjoy seeing Maria Ozawa’s alluring naked body.  Aside from the many skin-flicks she left us with, Ms. Ozawa has recently done some breathtaking work with renowned Norwegian photographer Petter Hegre.  Mr. Hegre is famous for his nude photography of women and he’s topped himself with Ozawa.  As is customary for Hegre-Art, these photo sets are erotic-yet-tasteful; there’s no penetration or anything.  Maria Ozawa is drop-dead gorgeous, her body is sheer perfection and these elegant flicks put her in top-model status.

Ozawa has a dozen outstanding photo sets at but there’s something Japanese Torero that stands out to me.  My Zodiac sign is Taurus the bull and since Maria plays the role of a sexy matador, I get excited and want to gore her mercilessly… in her orifices, of course.  These images are very organic.  No ridiculous layers of Photoshop.  No digital face lifts. Just one incredible woman and a highly-skilled photographer creating fine art.

There are 108 images in the full Japanese Torero set.  Here are 27 of them:

Visit HEGRE-ART.COM to buy the complete set, along with other exceptional photos & videos featuring beautiful women of all ethnicities and body-types.  Everything is high-definition quality.


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