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Vixen Kaylee Kisses Discusses Her Adult Film Debut

Kaylee Kisses first appeared on my radar back in May as part of the soon-to-be-releasesd 2012 Custom Ladies Calendar.  Kaylee is Ms. December for the calendar and with her mind-blowing thickness the Columbus, Ohio native stood out amongst a dozen extremely hot models. Her brickhouse body, voluptuous legs and exceptionally beautiful face make for the ultimate total package.  There was no question that Kaylee, a relative newcomer at the time, had the natural gifts to become one of the top mainstream models in the business.

Fast-forward approximately three months later.  If life is indeed a movie, the chronicles of Kaylee had a juicy plot twist: With the guidance of adult-film veteran Cherokee D’Ass and management company Star Quality, Kaylee entered the wide world of adult entertainment.  Along with the other bootyful vixens of the Star Quality team, Kaylee plays hostess and dancer at various fun-filled events.

But it’s her XXX-rated video with premiere adult-film company Reality Kings that has everyone abuzz.  Kaylee made her debut in a flick titled Round & Brown: Happy Hose (co-starring resident stud JMAC), which can be seen exclusively at the Reality Kings website.  In the video, Kaylee wears a black body stocking that can barely contain her awesome curves and for a newbie, her performance is rife with potential.  Not long ago, she was poised to take the mainstream modeling world by storm.  Now, with a rapidly-growing legion of fans singing her praises, it’s no stretch to say she could become one of adult entertainment’s brightest new stars.

On that note, I present my eXXXclusive interview with the lovely (and cool-as-hell) Kaylee Kisses.

Black Pacino: What made you decide to do adult entertainment?

Kaylee Kisses: I chose to get into adult entertainment because it gives me a chance to express and show people the sexual side to me that’s always been there, except now it’s out there for the world to see. It allows me to showcase what I’m good at, being able to please somebody.

Pacino: Is this a one-shot deal or are you in the porn game for the long haul?

Kaylee: I’ve done more than one porn scene so it is something I can see myself continuing to do. I also do more than porn. I model, host events/appearances and do feature dancing as well.

Pacino: How did you hook up with Cherokee D’Ass & Star Quality?

Kaylee: I ended up sending Cherokee some pictures and she hit me up on Twitter and told me I had been chosen to be one of her Vixens. I’ve been a part of Star Quality ever since.

Pacino: Has Cherokee given you any advice on the adult entertainment game? If so, what did she say?

Kaylee: Cherokee has been very helpful so far in the advice she’s given me. She constantly reiterates to me that there is always going to be somebody that’s got something to say about everything you do.  Always. The only thing I can do is to keep my head up, ignore it and know how to address it if it gets to that point. I have experienced a lot in the past couple months with hate mail, fake pages and hate pages on Twitter and Facebook and it was a lot to take in… but she definitely calmed my nerves about it all. I would get angry before but now I just see it as a part of what I’m going to have to deal with. Haters are going to hate; let them do their job.

Pacino: Were you nervous for your first shoot with Reality Kings?

Kaylee: I was nervous for my first shoot because I didn’t know what to expect. I don’t like going into situations not knowing what I’m up against. My nerves were through the roof on set, but the people at Reality Kings definitely made my experience more fun and eased a little bit of the nerves.

Pacino: What kind of reaction have you gotten from your fans and friends thus far?

Kaylee: Regarding the video, a lot of people seem to love it. I have had multiple people hit me up and give me feedback like what I could better, what they loved, what they would want to see next time, etc. I value those opinions because it will make me a better performer.

If you’re referring to my friends and family’s reaction in general to me being involved in this industry, it was mostly negative. The family members that do know what I do are against it but they let me know that they still love me, want the best for me and just want me to be safe. I have a very, very small circle of people who I would call friends.  Those people support and encourage me all day, every day!

Pacino: What are some of your other interests & hobbies?

Kaylee: Nobody knows this but I have an obsession with guns so I love going to the gun range and looking and using different types of guns. It gives me a huge rush of adrenaline and a crazy power trip. I also like to read and workout… huge difference from playing with guns I know. (Laughs)

Pacino: I have a fetish for Chicks With Guns, that’s right up my alley.   What might your fans be surprised to know about you?

Kaylee: They shouldn’t be surprised but I know most would be; I am a premed major at The Ohio State University. I eventually want to get into the field of Dermatology and maybe open my own office one day.

Pacino: What would you consider your sexiest feature?

Kaylee: My legs and feet. I used to be real self conscious about my legs when I was younger but I love them. I love how thick they are. My feet are pretty too…those stay done.

Pacino: I agree, your gams are spectacular.  What’s your favorite sexual position?

Kaylee: I have two… doggy style and also laying on my stomach. I don’t know what it is about those two positions but the stimulation and pleasure I get is ridiculous.

Pacino: What upcoming projects/films/events should we be looking for in the near future?

Kaylee: My team and I will be headed to Exxxotica LA at the end of the month, which is a porn convention. We’ll be featured there signing autographs, taking pics and selling merchandise. I also am shooting scenes for Cherokee’s website so you’ll be able to check me out there soon. I have a website coming soon, where you will be able to see more of my scenes, pictures, and buy different products. There will be a blog section where I’ll be able to interact with my fans and supporters, I’ll be doing live feeds from there where they’ll be able to talk to me and of course there will be contests you can participate in as well.

Pacino: Any parting thoughts? Messages to the viewers out there?

Kaylee: I definitely want to shout out my hometown Columbus, Ohio. They’ve been behind me and showed a lot of love. I want to send love to my team, Star Quality. I’m honored to be a part of this movement. Also, I love to interact with my fans so they can follow me on Twitter @KayleeKisses7 to keep up with what my team and I are doing and to see some hot pics too!

Cool! I’d like to thank Kaylee Kisses for a great interview.

And now, my thirsty friends, I’m going to give you some more incentive to follow Kaylee on Twitter.  Aside from the fact that she’s gorgeous, down-to-Earth and has big things poppin, Ms. Kisses also posts some very hot Twitpics.  If you were on the fence about following her, these candid goodies will tip the scales.

Your Twitter timeline is gonna look so much better.

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