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Q&A With Chanel Preston, Porn’s Sexy New ‘It Girl’



The adult film universe is full of beautiful stars but Chanel Preston is a brilliant supernova.  In the past year, the gorgeous nympho won six Best New Starlet awards from XBIZ, XCritic, NightMoves and other esteemed media outlets.  Although she hails from the cold-weather state of Alaska, Chanel is blistering hot.  It’s almost unfair for one woman to have so many chips stacked in her favor: Stunning, exotic face? Check.  Plump breasts and long, slender gams? Check.  Smouldering sex appeal? Emphatic check.

As if her remarkably good looks weren’t enough, Ms. Preston is a ferocious performer who leaves it all on the set.  Chanel is always dynamic, whether she’s hogtied in a fetish flick or getting nailed on an executive’s desk in Clean Office, Filthy Whore by Brazzers.  Behind-the-scenes, she handles her business with the same fervor.  She recently teamed up with PremiumCash, one of adult entertainment’s most prolific website developers, to build and host  The highly-anticipated member site is scheduled for launch in Fall of 2011 and will be owned and operated by Chanel herself.

Since Chanel Preston is one of my favorite new porn chicks, I hit the proverbial jackpot when the opportunity to interrogate her *ahem* arose.  I found her to be funny, sharp and easy-going.  Enjoy our exclusive Q&A session; it’s equal parts informative and raunchy. Chanel’s sexy photos are NSFW but hey, this is The Spizzy… what did you expect?


Black Pacino: Why did you decide to do adult film and how did you enter the industry?

Chanel Preston: Well, I was a dancer.  I started dancing in Hawaii.  Well… a stripper, not a ballet dancer, unfortunately.  I actually met somebody who had a dance agency and I was able to travel around and dance two weeks at a time in different places. And that lady ended up asking me if I’d be interested in being in the industry.  I thought on it for a while and I thought that I really liked that option over stripping… I thought I could make it my own business like stateside.  So I told her OK and she’s the one who got me into it.

Pacino: You got popular very quickly.  What do you think separates Chanel Preston from the current crop of starlets?

Chanel: A lot of girls fall into the industry and they’re like, having fun at first.  They’re like, “Yeah, I’ll do that.  Okay.”  And then, eventually they’ll say to themselves, “Okay, I can really make something of this and make it my own.”  And I think that’s what I thought about point-blank going in, like I wasn’t going to do it unless I was going to make it happen (to the fullest).  So that was my mindset from the beginning and I don’t think that happens too often.  I mean, I think more so it happens nowadays but I think people are still like, “It’s going to be a little while before (the gusto).”


Pacino: is on the way and I’m looking forward to that.  What can fans expect to see once your site is up and running this Fall?

Chanel: What I want to do is, I want put it up and then I want to have an area where I can obviously talk to my fans a lot; specifically members of my site so I can find out exactly what they want.  I don’t want to put tons of stuff up and it’s not things they want to see.  I want to put up the site obviously but I want to hear what they want to see me do first.  There’s definitely going to be an area where they can communicate a lot with me and put up suggestions and stuff like that.  I’ll probably have a lot of amateur stuff… a lot of video of me doing things like hiking or just my everyday life.

Pacino: Okay, well I have a bunch of requests once you put up that area.  I got some things (laughs).

Chanel: (Laughs) What kind of things? Like what? I want to hear a request.

Pacino: All right, well here’s one: Interracial.  I’m asking on behalf of all the brothers.  I’d like to see that.

Chanel: I definitely will do that.  I’ve already had a few people asking that would like to be my first (laughter).  That’s definitely in the works.  I’m probably thinking I’ll do that after the AVN’s this year.  But it will happen.

Pacino: Awesome! Who in the industry have you enjoyed working with most thus far?

Chanel: Oh gosh… every time I’m asked this question I draw a blank.  I’m really open, I really don’t have specific people.  I can usually make things happen with anybody and I work with a lot of the same people.  You build a chemistry with most of them and do a real good scene.  So I can’t say there’s someone specific that I just love working with.  And especially because there’s so many different personalities in this industry and I shoot scenes with different people.  Like, with one guy who has a reputation for being really rough, I shoot a really crazy scene with him.  Or somebody a little bit more romantic, I shoot something lovey-dovey with him.  So it’s just depends and it’s nice because it’s a change and I don’t always have to do the same scenes.


Pacino: Since you asked me for suggestions and stuff, here’s another.  Some porn stars fuck their fans.  Do you mess with fans or are fans off-limits?

Chanel: I don’t know if I would do that or not.  I’ve had people ask me… I mean, it’s not out of the question but I guess it would have to be something I think about doing.

Pacino: Okay, let me uncross my fingers.  I had my fingers crossed like, “Please say yes.” (Laughs)

Chanel: (Laughs) See, this conversation is making me think I should make you guys write essays.  “Why should you be the fan that I fuck?” I’d like to hear what the essays said.

Pacino: (Laughs) I’ll get crackin’ on mine ASAP.  Are you still living in Hawaii?

Chanel: I’m living in L.A. now.

Pacino: Wow.  Living in Hawaii must have been great.

Chanel: You know, it’s different when you live there.  A lot of people move there and they don’t like it.  It wasn’t that I didn’t like it… I miss it so much.  But I never wanted to be there forever and I was really looking for an excuse to leave.  I needed to leave (laughs).


Pacino: What’s the best thing about being an adult-film star?

Chanel: I love traveling, that’s a really big deal to me.  I’m hoping this year I’ll really get to travel more.  But that’s a huge perk.  Another thing is, I love to challenge myself physically, even if it’s with sex.  So there’s things I’ve done in films that back in the day I never thought I’d do.  I’m like, “I’d never do that!” And now with the adrenaline of being on a film it’s just totally different and it brings out that excitement.  I like that.

Pacino: You were also in a parody of Avatar called This Ain’t Avatar XXX.  Did you have to wear paint and prosthetic stuff for that?

Chanel: I was surprised at how detailed they got.  We had prosthetic masks on… we had the whole bodypaint going on.  I mean, it was the whole Avatar gear.  I can’t say it was very comfortable.  But it actually looked pretty amazing.

Pacino: How did you fuck with blue paint on? Like, how did you suck a blue painted dick?

Chanel: Well, actually… and this is so corny… we didn’t actually paint their cocks blue.  It’s like, they had white or black cocks and the rest of them were blue (laughs).  It was bizarre but I’m not one judge.

Pacino: But it looked pretty good, though.  Beautifully shot, nice 3D effects.  Looked almost like the actual flick.  Did you have any acting or dialogue?

Chanel: Well, my part… I was the Queen.  I think I had two lines.  But what was funny about it was it was in the Na’vi language and I couldn’t remember my two lines because it wasn’t English.  If it was in French or something I would understand what each word meant and I could visualize it.  But because it was in some random words I couldn’t remember my two little lines (laughs).


Pacino: So is mainstream acting something you could see yourself doing in the future, like Sasha Grey ended up doing?

Chanel: Yeah, definitely I would love doing something like that.  I don’t want to give you the impression that I’m striving for that because I don’t want to do what I do now.  So if I do it, I want to do it while doing adult stuff as well.  But I mean, I’m all about just taking any opportunity I can, so whatever comes along I want to take and pursue and be good at it.  So if that came along I would definitely take it.

Pacino: As far as your business, website and stuff like that, you pretty much handle your own affairs.  You represent yourself and you’re not a contract girl.

Chanel: Nope, I’m not at all.  I have people that I’ve hired to work with me but I’m not contracted.

Pacino: Is that because you just haven’t found the right company just yet, or because you’re independent and hands-on?

Chanel: I do like to handle things on my own.  I like to know what’s going on and I like to be in control.  But initially when I got in, I kind of wanted a contract because I figured it was “safe.”  And once I was in for only a few months I was like, “No, I do not want a contract.  That’s not what I want to do.”  Because I have so many more opportunities and I can work whoever I want to work with.  And I just don’t want to be restricted.  I want to be able to have an opportunity to say, “Yeah, I want to take that” and if I was under contract that wouldn’t be an option for me.


Pacino: What might your fans be surprised to know Chanel Preston?

Chanel: Um… I used to make balloon animals when I was little, in parades (laughs).

Pacino: (Laughs) Okay, I would have never guessed that.

Chanel: I was… uh… I don’t know….

Pacino: All right, let’s narrow it down like this: What are some of your other interests outside of the adult-film industry?

Chanel: Well, I’m usually pretty active.  So anything where I can do hiking, swimming, running… especially when I was in Hawaii.  Since I’ve moved to L.A. I’ve been super-busy so I haven’t really gotten an opportunity to do a lot of other stuff but I still enjoy it.  I love the outdoors.  I love to travel so anytime I’m in a new place or doing something different, I love it.  But I also like to sit on my ass at home and do nothing (laughs).


Pacino: If I opened up your iPod right now, what songs would I find on your playlist?

Chanel: I’ve been listening to a lot of electronic music, which I listen to a lot anyway because that’s what I dance to if I’m onstage.  Moby or Gemstar or something but… I listen to all kinds of stuff but lately that’s what I’ve been listening to because I’ve been practicing on my stripper pole lately a lot.

Pacino: Oh yeah? Cool! You have a stripper pole at home?

Chanel: I do, it’s in my bedroom.

Pacino: Great place to keep it.  Do you still go out and do dance performances as well?

Chanel: No, I haven’t yet.  I’m going to start featuring soon.  It’s kind of up to me to say I’m ready to go.  I wanted to feature from the beginning because I love dancing.  I love it.  So I’m just trying to get routines set up and when I feel like saying yes I’m going to start doing it.


Pacino: You have a very exotic look.  In certain pictures I’ve seen of you, you could almost pass for Latina.  I know that you were born in Alaska and that you’re American but as far as your lineage… do you have any other bloodline or ethnicity?

Chanel: I mean, I’m pretty European.  I’m part Spanish and I think people see that.  My sister is a lot darker than me so she looks more like that than I do.  But my older sister looks very white girl, big time.  So I’m kind of the middle (laughs).

Pacino: Right, I was just about to mention your complexion.  In some pictures you seem a lil’ darker… more swarthy.  All your looks are very nice.

Chanel: Yeah, I can kind of change my look a lot.  My publicist shows me different pictures and she’s like, “You look like you’re a black girl here, you look like you’re Hispanic here, you look white here.” (Laughs)

Pacino: (Laughs) That’s good.  You can be cast in many different categories, then.

Chanel: Exactly.  I’m very ethnic, I guess.


Pacino: Very versatile.  A lot of your flicks are anal-themed.  Some are just straight-to-anal scenes.  Can you have orgasms just from anal sex strictly?

Chanel: That’s why I like anal sex (laughs).

Pacino: Ah, I see.  Makes sense.

Chanel: I started having anal sex for orgasms years ago. I tried it before then and I remember the first time it was a little weird but I could see why I’d started liking it…. I’m sure if I got used to it.  But I never just really tried again.  And then a few years ago I just tried it and I was like “Oh my God, it’s amazing” (laughs).

Pacino: Social networking is a good way for you to get in touch with your fans but I know in your profession it can have a wild side too.  What’s the craziest thing a fan has done so far to get your attention?

Chanel: I always get stuff on Twitter and I think it’s because it’s so easy for people obviously to say what they want.  But I’m always getting crazy things on Twitter; people asking me crazy questions or just getting mad at me or whatever they want.  All the time it happens but you just got to ignore it.  People don’t actually ask me rude questions but weird questions.  Like I just asked last night if I’ve ever been naked in front of my brother or father or stepfather (laughs).

Pacino: Damn! Well, aside from what people say has there been anything crazy a fan has done, or sent you, to get your attention?

Chanel: It takes a lot for me to think someone is really weird and bizarre.  So people have probably done stuff and I’m like “OK” and just disregarded it.  So nobody has done anything that really has caught me off-guard or crazy or scared me.  But there’s a first time for everything so we’ll see.


Pacino: A lot of your scenes are really hardcore.  Do you feel you’ve reached your limitations of nastiness? Is there anything else in particular you’d like to do later on down the line?

Chanel: Well, y’know… I haven’t done double-anal (laughs).  Maybe that’s in the works for the future.  Obviously, I haven’t done interracial yet but that’s gonna happen.  I don’t know… I don’t want to reach my (highest) level of nastiness, I want to keep going.  I’m not done yet.  There’s some stuff I could do that some people might frown upon, so I’d have to be careful.  Like… I would totally fuck a tranny.

Pacino: Really?

Chanel: Well, think about it… or you don’t have to think about it.

Pacino: Nah, I don’t know if I want to see that one (laughs).

Chanel: For me it’s interesting because obviously I love cock. So if it’s someone with a big cock, but it’s a female, I’m not really sure how my body would react to that.  Would I like that? Would that be hot to me? Like, I’m kind of curious about it.  I actually asked my publicist, “You think that’s a good idea?” She’s like, “Well… you might want to wait a while for that” (laughs).  I also love bi-sexual men too and people are funny about the gay porn industry too, so I don’t know if that would go over so well.  But if it was cool I would do that.

Pacino: Okay, sounds like a lot of things are still open for you.  That’s good.  I’m sure you’ll get a lot of requests on the site… people may come up with things you haven’t thought of.

Chanel: Yeah, I want an area with four X’s… and that means you may not want to go here.

Pacino: Any final thoughts for our viewers?

Chanel: They can actually go onto my site now and just sign up and be notified once it comes out.  So if they want to do that, go ahead and sign up at  And I’m always on Twitter @ChanelPreston, so they can get a hold of me that way and ask me questions.  And if they want to give me suggestions that way, they can.

Sweet! Thank you for the great interview, Chanel. 

As a bonus, let’s have a look at a few of Chanel Preston’s candid Twitpics. 

Maybe these gems will give you extra incentive to follow her at








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