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Manuela Arbeláez Is Priceless

My grandmother, may she rest in peace, is the one who introduced me to The Price Is Right.  It was her favorite game show and I’ve been watching it since Bob Barker was the host.  His lame successor, Drew Carey, ain’t got a smidgen of Bob’s charisma.

It was Nana’s dream to see me on The Price Is Right as a contestant.  She pushed me to go on that show harder than she pushed me go to college. Perhaps from Heaven she’ll get to see me spin The Big Wheel, because I’ve applied to be on the show.

Nana’s wishes were motivation enough but now I’ve got even more incentive…

Gorgeous Colombian model Manuela Arbeláez is one of four sexy models who currently display prizes on The Price Is Right.  It’s long been the show’s tradition to have hot chicks prance around on stage to present cars, appliances and other items for screaming contestants to win.  Take it from a die-hard fan, Manuela is by far the hottest chick in Price Is Right history.

Her face is faultless… so beautiful, she’s superhuman.  And her physically-fit body has no imperfections to speak of.  Miniskirts were invented for legs like hers.  Folks who think I only like ginormous, cornbread-fed rumps are misinformed; Manuela’s apple is juicy enough for me.

To hell with the overpriced junk people compete for on The Price Is Right, Manuela Arbeláez is the prize I desire.  If I win a car I’m tossin’ Manuela in the passenger seat and recklessly driving off the set, even if I gotta run over Drew Carey.  If I win a trip, I’m persuading Manuela to come with me.

Nana, if I make it to the stage of your favorite game show, please bless me one wish through divine intervention: Somehow let me leave with Manuela Arbeláez.

She’s what I’ve always wanted.

Here are some bonus videos featuring Manuela at work.  She’s the only reason you’ll ever see me post a Diddy-Dirty Money video at this site… even though this song, mainly because of Drake, isn’t as bad as some of their others.





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