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P-League Japanese Women’s Bowling Is Sexy Fun

Last week I was in the Land of the Rising Sun.  Now, I’m back in the Land of the Rising Guns.

Although I’ve been back in New York Shitty for 7 days now, my body is still operating on Japan time; 14 hours ahead.  We had a lot of fun over there and once again, I discovered something cool during my stay.  One night, with my main squeeze sleeping beside me in our Yokohama hotel room, I sipped a bottle of “One Cup” sake and browsed TV channels.  That’s when I stumbled upon an entertaining program called P-League Bowling.

Bowling Revolution P-League is a series of women-only bowling tournaments, developed solely for television.  Although the women who compete are lovely eye candy models (“idols” as they’re called in Japan), they’re among the best female bowlers in the world.  Japanese TV has found a way to put cute, miniskirt-clad hotties in every type of program, which is one of the reasons I love their channels.  And Telemundo, obviously.

I know little about bowling, other than wearing someone else’s funky-ass shoes to play.  But I enjoyed watching P-League.  Something about it turns me on.  The bowlers wear lil’ skirts and shorts, so naturally the camera angles are pretty creative; although it’s a legit sport the programmers know what we’re there to see.  One woman on the episode that I caught was particularly thick in the thighs; maybe she was mixed with Korean.

Let’s face it, bowling ain’t the most exciting thing to watch on TV… and many pro-bowling American females look like Rosie O’ Donnell.  But P-League is easy on the eyes.

According to their website, the “P” in P-League has five meanings: “Pretty,” “Power,” “Passion,” “Performance” and “Pefect.”  I thought it stood for “Panties” or “Pussy” but that’s cuz I’m a “Perv.”  The competitions are fun and entertaining, though.  They’ve even got DVD sets featuring the tournaments and spotlighting the girls.  Japanese channels are part of my cable package, so best believe that P-League is on my must-see list.  Aside from the chicks, it’s a very colorful, energetic show… kind of like a real-life video game.  True bowling fans can appreciate it from a technical standpoint because these ladies can really bowl.  They hit strike after strike, which is impressive.

Here are some older video clips from P-League, in case you’re interested.




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