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I’ve Got A Thing For Liza Del Sierra

Real talk, I’ve got a thing for Liza Del Sierra.  This French pastry has a physically fit body that’s trim where it needs to be [defined abs, delicate waist, toned thighs] and fleshy where it counts [ripe rack, shapely calves, perfect sphere-like ass].  Thick things come in small packages.

The A-side is up top.  Check out the B-side…

To quote Public Enemy: “The B-side wins again.”

Whether she’s twirling around naked onstage or making a stud happy in an adult video, Liza Del Sierra always goes for the gusto.  Liza’s performance in French Open, part of the Big Wet Butts series by Brazzers, is one of those joints you never erase from your hard drive, no matter how much you need space.  The clip’s opening scene, where the cameraman studies her baby-oil smothered, lingerie clad curves, is alone worth the price of admission.

Regardless of how long or hard she gets pounded, Liza’s battery is always fully-charged.  Her energy increases with each thrust, so a signature Del Sierra scene gets better and better as it builds to a climax.  It’s apparent that she really enjoys her job.  Elegant Angel’s Big Wet Asses #19 contains one of her best scenes, where she is paired with fellow French native Manuel Ferrara.  Coincidentally, most of Liza’s video titles revolve around booty.

The Black Militants will be satisfied that Liza Del Sierra loves the bruthas and her plump kitty has been black-owned at one time or another.  I could rave on and on about this chick but I’ll let her photos and videos speak for themselves.

I actually chopped & screwed the opening scene of the aforementioned French Open and made it safe for work… if you work in a strip-club, that is.  No need for dressing, she’s already drizzled in oil.  The other clip is from one of Liza’s entertaining live performances.  Have these videos as an appetizer before you devour Liza’s photos.  Be careful, these dishes are extremely hot.

[dailymotion id=xmv3je]

[dailymotion id=x5gp9r]

Damn.  Those clips never get old.

Now the main course: Liza Del Sierra pics for your viewing pleasure.  It’s nudity time.

The last photos are candid shots from both and

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