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Briella Bounce In Buttman Magazine

This is why I’m the self-proclaimed God of Gamblers.

The provocative, bootylicious covers of John Stagliano’s Buttman Magazine have always piqued my interest. Still, there were factors that kept me from buying an issue: It costs 13 bucks, which might as well be $13K in these economic times. Not to mention that each X-rated issue is sealed in plastic, which means no browsing… and if I’m shellin’ out 13 hard-earned dollars I want to inspect what I’m paying for.

Then I saw the latest issue of Buttman with Angel Vain on the front cover, bending over in a red fishnet bodystocking. Very attractive photo. But when I flipped the magazine over and saw Briella Bounce on the back cover, the time had finally come to roll the dice. Although she’s pretty fresh in the game, Briella is one of my favorite adult-film starlets right now. She already holds a place at the top of my Porno Power Rankings™ and as her resume deepens, her standing will undoubtedly rise. Her onscreen performances have been decent so far and should only improve with time. But Ms. Bounce is a standout due to her sweet face and awesome cornbread-fed ass, complete with a signature mole on her left butt cheek. She’s a thick blond porn chick from Texas, just like Alexis. Unlike Alexis, however, Briella fucks black guys… and absolutely loves it.

Since her videos have yet to disappoint me, I took a risk and copped this issue of Buttman solely on the strength of Briella Bounce. Turns out it was a solid investment. The magazine in general is great; it’s full of high-quality photos, fiction and erotic art. Asa Akira, Rachel Roxxx, Porsha Carrera, Syndee Capri and other hotties of all races are spread throughout its pages. But Briella’s gallery, taken on the set of Buttman’s Stretch Class 8, is the highlight for me. The photographer knew exactly what poses and angles would emphasize her thickness the best. Makes me want to see the actual movie now… and I’ve never seen a flick from the Stretch Class franchise, where girls play solitaire with outrageous sex toys.

My investment in Buttman wouldn’t be truly worthwhile if I didn’t share Briella’s pics with the unquenchable Thirst Mob, so I took a smoke break and scanned a few pages. This is just a sampling of her feature; there are more photos in this set so if you like what you see, cop the magazine. For now, feast your eyes on Briella Bounce and her glaciers of ass…

Briella The Booty made her XXX debut this year so this post is a great way to close out 2011. If you still hunger for more, head to your local newsstand and find Buttman magazine. We’ve already seen the back cover but the front cover, featuring Angel Vain in Buttman’s Stretch Class: Detention 2, looks like this…

Shout-out to John Stagliano, he’s a genius.

Since the year is about to end, how ’bout more Bounce to the ounce? This post has been all about ass and the next set of pics are no different. They’re from a Brazzers flick called Bouncy On Your Bar, another installment in their Big Wet Butts series.


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