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Miniskirt Monday: The Seductive Secretary

A while back I posted an article about a perverted business owner who asked his female employees to partake in “Miniskirt Monday,” “Tube Top Tuesday” and “No Bra Thursday.”  Obviously this resulted in a sexual harassment suit but still, I think this suPERVisor was on to something.  Mondays are the day that most people look forward to the least and Miniskirt Monday would make the beginning of the work week a lot more bearable… well, at least for the misogynists.  Ladies may get tired of parading around the office with a pack of tongue-waggin’ horndogs oggling their gams.  I guess if a boss wants to have a Miniskirt Monday at his place of business, he should visit Rockettes training camp and hire the rejects.  They wouldn’t mind at all.  Fired waitresses from Hooters would be perfect for Tube Top Tuesday and No Bra Thursday.

What some consider sexual harassment is just another day at The Spizzy offices.  In fact, our secretaries are attention whores.  That’s why every Monday from here on out will officially be Miniskirt Monday at this blog.  To start off this morale-boosting event is a perky young lady named Maasa.  It’s easy to see in these photos that the ambitious Maasa is quite serious about climbing the corporate ladder.  She looks like a lot of fun on a booze-soaked karaoke night; probably the first one to hop on the bar counter and drunkenly shake what her mama gave her. Today, however, she’s reserved and dressed for success.

Well, it’s time for me to get off my computer and deal with some serious business right now… these blunts ain’t gonna roll themselves.  In the meantime, I’m confident that Maasa will handle her duties responsibly…

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