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Kelly Starr, Chocolate Booty Bliss [Rare Gems]


Call me crazy but I always thought adult entertainer Kelly Starr favors another Kelly: Destiny Child singer Kelly Rowland, who’s no slouch in the beauty department.  Still, Ms. Starr gets the nod because she’s thicker, curvier and downright dirtier.  She’s a seasoned vet who consistently gives a loud, energetic, no-holes-barred performance.  The other chicks in the cast may be a toss-up but when you see Kelly Starr’s name on a porn flick it’s a given that her scene is stroke-worthy.  When mentioning the phattest asses in adult film, Kelly Starr is most definitely in the discussion.  Knowledgeable porn fans discuss the trinity of Kelly, Cherokee D’ass & Beauty Dior like rap fans debate the greatness of Biggie, Jay-Z & Nas.  Videos that contain all three of these ladies are automatic classics.

These rare photos come courtesy of Kelly herself… she occasionally posts chocolate treats at her Twitter page, @RealKellyStarr.  Thing is, the lames who run Twitter’s pic-sharing sites like yfrog and Lockerz always delete her NSFW photos.  Just as quickly as they’re up, they’re taken right back down.  Fortunately for us, Thirst Mob, my trigger-finger is pretty quick on the “Save As” button.  The moment hot booty pics are posted, I beat the buzzer like a contestant on a game show… censorship ain’t quick enough to keep up with me.  So although these Kelly Starr gems were banished a while ago, I kept ’em in my stash for a rainy day and guess what? It’s cloudy and drizzling in NYC right now.

Enjoy the box of assorted chocolates below.  They’re sinfully delicious.












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