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London Keyes Wears No Clothes


There’s no denying that Asian adult film vixen London Keyes is one bad bitch.  But to be honest, I didn’t make the jump from fan to fanatic until I saw Lubed & Plowed, one of many high-quality joints at Brazzers.  The video opens with a thorough examination of London’s remarkable thickness, compacted into her curvy frame.  Our nosy cameraman gets all up in that phat ass.  What turns me on most is that she’s not wearing exquisite lingerie or some off-the-wall outfit in Lubed & Plowed.  Instead, she rocks a casual button-up shirt, socks and lace panties, like she just woke up after a boozy one-night stand and she’s hungry for more.  Gives hope to Average Joes like me.

These candid nude pics of London Keyes are works of art.  Her body is a temple deserving of worship; a natural product of intense exercise rather than Photoshop trickery.  Of course, Puritans will cover their tender eyes and ask that one of God’s finest creations be concealed.  That’s ‘cuz they’re lame.  But if you appreciate the female body as much as I do, you’ll appreciate Ms. Keyes in all her naked glory. I even threw in a couple of photos where she’s not completely in the buff but she might as well be.

After you taste the eye candy, follow London on Twitter @londonkeyes and visit her official website  You’ll be glad you did.






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