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Kim Kardashian: See-Through Skirt, No Panties

Kim Kardashian doesn’t get enough attention, so I’m giving this unsung celebrity the recognition she deserves right now.  Over the weekend in Miami, Kim K went out to dinner with her boy toy, Kanye West.  Thing is, she went commando in a skintight see-through skirt, showing us all why Kanye chose correctly when picking his latest trophy bitch. Her colossal culo looked scrumptious wrapped in translucent fabric.

A humble and low-key couple like Kim & Kanye would never deliberately attract attention to themselves.  But to their utter surprise, nosy cameramen stumbled upon them and took pics of Kim’s exposed derriere (!!!!).  Shame on those meddling bastards for imposing on Kim & Kanye’s date… but I’ll be damned if they didn’t snap some good photos.  Booty, legs, boobs, perfect face… everythang’s workin.

Money can’t buy happiness? Bullshit.

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