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The Harlem Shake Gets Naked


The zombies of mainstream finally stumbled upon the decade-old Harlem Shake and like Columbus with America, think they discovered it.  As Byron Crawford eloquently put it, “If G. Dep hadn’t turned himself in for murder, he could’ve capitalized on this Harlem Shake craze.  It’s the new Gangnam Style.”  Apparently, some groundbreaking Harlem Shake meme spread like wildfire and set the world ablaze.  Like any dance craze embraced by the overground, this ensures that the Harlem Shake goes the way of La Macarena: flame out quickly and disappear in a cloud of stale smoke.  Before it goes extinct, check out Vulture’s 5 Music Videos Featuring The Actual Harlem Shake, Not That Fake As One.  It deserves equal time.

Some good has come from all of this, though.  WoodRocket is a studio taking adult entertainment to new heights, offering free exclusive & original web series like “James Deen Loves Food,” “Memes I’d Like to F***” and “Topless Girls Reading Books.”  The geniuses at WoodRocket incorporated the Harlem Shake into a video and photo shoot of their own.




From the creative minds at WoodRocket:

Finally, someone has created the most exciting, the most intense, the most hilarious, the most clothingless version of the insanely popular internet dance sensation. WoodRocket presents The Harlem Shake: Naked in the latest episode of the hit web series “Memes I’d Like to F**k.” 

WoodRocket put a group of sexy adult performers in a room and played the song that made them go from texting and Tweeting to gyrating and undressing. It is this funny & nude new version that will set this hot dance craze on fire! Both the naked & censored versions will be available on & YouTube respectively. ANIMAL New York will offer exclusive photos & behind-the-scenes footage of the production.

 “There is a wide array of The Harlem Shake videos out there,” says director Lee Roy Myers. “But in every video there is always clothing. I needed to de-wardrobe this situation.”

The Harlem Shake: Naked episode of “Memes I’d Like to F**k” stars Karmen Karma, Brandi Belle, Nina Dove, Peru, Alex Chance, Cameron Canada, Staci Silverstone, Ashli Orion, and WoodRocket’s own Seth’s Beard as the Pizza Delivery Guy.  WoodRocket takes adult entertainment to new heights, offering free exclusive adult & original web series like “James Deen Loves Food”, “Memes I’d Like to F***”, and “Topless Girls Reading Books”.

I don’t know if what these chicks are doing qualifies as the Harlem Shake but they sure look good flailing around.  The SFW version of this sexy video is posted below.  See the uncensored video at  Check out more photos at ANIMAL.


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