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Mia Rider Puts Her ‘Gag Reflex’ To The Test

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The planet is big but I’m willing to bet that Mia Rider is one of the most sexually adventurous nymphos on Earth, earning her the nickname “Crasian” (that’s a mash-up of “Crazy Asian” for those with a Chief Keef IQ).  Mia’s deep, comforting throat and penchant for “oral therapy” has been a hot topic among porn fans lately.  She’s been in a shitload of oral-themed movies, many of which (Asian Fuck Faces, Throat Fucks 4) are directed by the one and only Jonni Darkko.  His latest epic skull-session, Gag Reflex, will be released on April 10th by Evil Angel Video.  The Gag Reflex trailer looks nasty as hell and the cast is rock-solid: Allie Haze, Skin Diamond, Jynx Maze, Gabriella Paltrova, Aria Ariel, Bailey Blue, Cameron Canada, Heather Vahn, Adrianna Nicole, Luna Kitsuen and of course, Mia Rider put their formidable gag reflexes to the test.  Judging from the clip, Mia does an eXXXtremely sloppy job… a great thing for a deepthroat movie.

Mia & I have been cool ever since our first interview, so she was gracious enough to discuss Gag Reflex as well as her latest ball-draining videos. Her words alone are very arousing, so enjoy our lil’ convo… and be sure to cop Gag Reflex when it drops on 4-10-13.

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Black Pacino: The title pretty much says it all but what can fans expect from Mia Rider in Gag Reflex?

Mia Rider: This one was a lot of fun! Really laid back and flowed really well. It was a rewarding type of day… no stress, no worries, totally relaxing.  And after a string of rough- and I mean ROUGH in nature type of scenes, it was much needed and appreciated!

Pacino: There’s some pretty hard gagging and deepthroating in the Gag Reflex trailer. Of all the blowjob flicks you’ve done for Jonni Darkko, where does this one rank?

Mia: I think about my first Darkko scene (Asian Fuck Faces 1) to the latest – Gag Reflex – and it’s amazing how much I’ve learned… not just how to deepthroat, but all around as a performer and to let go more and more and embrace my sexuality. I wouldn’t put Gag Reflex in the “rough” category since I know rough scenes have a safe word. Intense for sure- definitely the most intense out of all the 1-on-1 POV scenes. This scene definitely is the best I’ve done and it’s like Asian Fuck Faces 1 was my elementary schooling, where I was introduced to it.  Throatfucks 4 was my middle schooling, where I’m getting my time in.  And Gag Reflex is where I’m graduating cuz I actually got to where I’m confident enough to put some performance element into it versus staying so focused on swallowing the cock! (Laughs) The blowbang with Lana Violet in Asian Fuck Faces 2 would be the graduation party and it is in a totally different category (laughs)


Pacino: Speaking of gagging, you went back to Facial Abuse for a second round. Some chicks have actually retired after their Facial Abuse experience. As brutal as they can be, why’d you go back for more?

Mia: Ha ha! I say I’ll try anything twice, because timing and people can give you a different perspective on experiences. Good or bad. I loved my first scene there! It was fun for me. It was rough and I trusted the environment I was in, so I let go and totally submitted to the occasion.  Now the second scene… Woooooo weeee! The goal for the second scene was to make it better than the first one, which was going to be hard.  I knew I had anal so after not eating and prepping all day, I was starving and they have a kitchen stocked full of food at the studio there.  The director (@JimmyHooligan) was being nice since I was starving and fixed me some noodle soup… that was nice right?

Oh my God, it was so nasty! There was a point in the scene where I was in my favorite face fucking position – lying on the couch with my head upside down- and Bootleg has one of those cocks that curve just right to choke you out! I kept throwing up and the third time I think I was drowning in my own throw-up! I didn’t want it all over my face so I tried to keep it in but the third time it came up… I pushed him off and had to breath and puke came out everywhere. That was nasty and that’s probably the real Facial Abuse experience that makes girls not able to hang. It was a challenge to hang after the throw-up, but I was like what the fuck, this is a scene! This isn’t real.

It just got so intense that I had to give myself a pep talk! But it’s definitely hardcore and it takes a mentally strong person that’s comfortable in their own skin to have a successful experience there. It’s not for everyone for sure. I thrive on versatility and I still can’t say anything bad about the crew or the studio there (smiles)


Pacino: March 14th was officially “Steak & A Blowjob Day.” Any quick BJ tips for the ladies who may be “orally challenged?”

Mia: There isn’t anyone orally challenged! That’s just bullshit. Unless you’re physically challenged.  But if you don’t like sucking cock then it’ll come out when you’re doing it like you hate it. If you want to be good at it, change your thoughts first and tell yourself how much you love to suck cock and how you have to milk all the cum out of it… and you want to taste all that cum in your mouth like it’s your favorite dessert. If you love sucking cock, then you will not be bad at it. You have to love it like how “a fat kid loves cake”.

Pacino: One last thing… you recently shot a gangbang scene where you finally got the “airtight” you craved. How was that experience & when can we see it?

Mia: Oh my God… This was the most intense experience of my life! It was super hardcore! I loved it! I wouldn’t ever want this to happen outside the studio setting but it was what I would think what it would be like if I was gang-raped. It’s extreme and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with a weak stomach. But you gotta remember there’s a safe word where they stop whatever we’re doing to adjust to my comfort level so I’m not doing anything I don’t want to…. I would only do this with a professional studio of course. This is what I call rough. Super rough. The roughest of all my scenes. Times FIVE.  It will be out on Kink’s as far as when, I’m not sure.  I not only got my airtight DP but I also tried double-vaginal in this one too! This is one of those scene I can’t wait to see!  I loved the guys and crew there and especially John Strong and Jordan Ash!!!! I never want to do a DP scene without John Strong!!!! Haha!

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