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Dark-Skinned Brazilian Babe Strips, Shows Booty


Photos by Prince Yahshua

Booty is Brazil’s greatest natural resource and my man Prince Yahshua is having a ball down there, filming dirty fliXXX with tanlined babes.  Here are a few images from his trip so you can live vicariously through him… or hate his guts. Prince referred to this sun-baked beauty as a “dark-skinned Brazilian” and never mentioned her name, so I’m guessing she’s spankin’ new to the adult game.  Probably still has that “fresh whore” scent.

Either way, names aren’t important right now.  All that matters is that she’s sexy, with a slender brown frame that Yahshua twisted up like a Swisher.  We’ll find out her identity once this movie comes out, whenever that is.  We’ll see whether or not she’s got incredible skills to match her looks… or if her sex tape is a snoozer like the one Suelyn Medieros put out (a Brazilian bombshell that proved to be a dud).

Once he’s done layin’ pipe to broads in South America, Prince Yahshua will be traveling to France for a week to bone the likes of Angell Summers and Liza Del Sierra. Hopefully he’ll take more pics of Liza, like the ones I posted here from their last encounter.

These pics are raw and candid but easy on the eyes nonetheless.


BFk-mpsCEAEscq4.jpg large


Another postcard from sunny Brazil, courtesy of Prince Yahshua.

The man’s hands are always full of ass…


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