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Throwback: N.W.A. – “One Less Bitch”


Freddie Gibbs was right, it’s time to bring hoe-bashin’ back to rap.  The radio is full of Captain Save-A-Hoes down on bended knee, croonin’ to broads who don’t deserve it and crying a river on records.  They’re more tender than slow-cooked pot roast.

N.W.A. ain’t give a fuck.  They had no mercy on these hoes.  “One Less Bitch” is one of my favorite songs from N.W.A.’s second album, EFIL4ZAGGIN, released in 1991. It opens with a disturbing-yet-funny skit where N.W.A. lures a hooker into their vehicle, guns her down for not giving away free pussy, dumps her corpse into the street, then casually searches for more hoes. Once the horn-driven beat drops and the rhymes begin, Dr. Dre & MC Ren play the roles of pimps.  When their ungrateful, triflin bitches pull a double-cross and come up short with the cash, of course they gotta die.  OJ probably listened to this song right before he caught Nicole suckin’  Ron Goldman’s dick.

This joint is full of great lines from Dre (“I tied her to the bed, I was thinking the worst / But I had to let my niggas fuck her first / Loaded up the forty-fo’ / Then I straight smoked the ho”) and Ren (“There was a bitch named Renata, I shot her / Straight pulled the muthafuckin’ trigger and said ‘I got her!’ / But I had better plans to give her the blues / Like dumpin’ her in the river with cement shoes”).  But it’s the late great Eazy-E who drops the most memorable jewel with a spoken word piece that ranks him with history’s greatest orators…

“In reality, a fool is one who believes that all women are ladies
A nigga is one who believes that all ladies are bitches
And all bitches are created equal
To me, all bitches are the same
Money-hungry, scandalous groupie hoes
That’s always ridin’ on a nigga’s dick, always in a nigga’s pocket
And when the nigga runs out of money the bitch is gone in the wind

They really ain’t.  Just ask Ice-T & Coco.


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