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Mz Mikal Blair Shakes Her Money Maker In “Broke Bitch”


Photos by Tavell Brown of Brown Photography

Struggle rappers, take note: this is how you market a song.

Right now I’m using a computer without speakers so I can’t even hear the joint playing in this video, to be honest. But the screen is working just fine and that’s all that really matters.  The song would be mere background noise anyway because the visuals are what make this video appealing.  Mz Mikal Blair of Nashville, Tennessee is the undisputed star of this clip.  The sultry southerner is white-hot (no pun intended) and shakes her thick-as-grits booty for us to drool over for the entire video.  The artist is wise enough to step aside and let a gorgeous PAWG run the show, because PAWGs add flavor to everything.  This video alone makes her follow-worthy, so check out @MzMikalBlair on Twitter.

Charlie P of BlackFlyMusic is the artist who recorded this song, simply titled “Broke Bitches.”  I don’t have to hear it to get a grasp of what it’s about.  Seems to be an odd pairing of sound and visuals, considering that Mikal Blair is good money.  She’d make it rain like HAARP in the stripclub.  Maybe I’m just not sharp enough to understand the deeper meaning.  Either way, kudos to Charlie P for knowing what sells.  Apparently, he’s the agent for DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia and notorious tax-cheat Young Buck, so Charlie understands the game.  Follow him on Twitter @charliepdotcom.

I’ll get around to listening to “Broke Bitch” at some point, because this video is more than worthy of multiple viewings.  Peep it below.



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