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Five Hot New PAWGs


PAWG. If you don’t know the meaning of this acronym, then you’re not the big booty-lover I ASSumed you were. For the tragically unhip, here’s the definition: Phat Ass White Girl. When it comes to equal booty rights I’m an activist… an ASStivist, if you will. Long before it was trendy, I imported big-booty white girls to my hood and watched everybody’s jaw drop. Yeah, there was a hailstorm of slander and eye-rolling from the sistas but those are the kind of things that brave pioneers like myself are willing to endure. To me, the phrase “phat ass for a white girl” is a slur; a remnant of an ugly chapter in American history. Women shouldn’t be judged by the color of their skin… they should be judged by the phatness of their ass.

These days, PAWGs are as commonplace as rappers who can’t rhyme. No longer do we place an ASSterisk next to a plump rump just because it’s on a Caucasian chick. The playing field is finally level and for the most part, buns are slapped without prejudice. Seems like every year a new crop of Phat Ass White Girls become popular and 2013 has been no different. Many of these thick vanilla shakes can be found in the world of adult film, where they can make best use of their ASSets. In my humble opinion there are five newbies who stand out from the rest of the pack. Two of these sexy young ladies debuted at Burning Angel, proving once again that founder Joanna Angel has an sharp eye for asses. If they play their cards right, all of these women will be enshrined in the Whooty Hall of Fame.

Here are five Phat Ass White Girls setting the game on fire right now.




This inked-up babe has a gorgeous face to compliment her spectacular donk, making her one of the most well-balanced PAWGs out there. To further distinguish her from the mob, Zarrah has a tattoo around her butthole that says “Let It Be,” complete with an image of a bumblebee buzzing out of her sphincter (bet it tastes like honey in there). Zarrah’s tat gets plenty of shine in Mike Adriano’s highly-recommended Tattooed Anal Sluts 2, where she proves to be a world-class performer. I list her first because out of these five, Zarrah Angel is my favorite PAWG.




Her compact frame is reinforced with an absurd amount of thickness; all-solid, all-natural. She’s sturdy with a low center of gravity. Savannah swallows nuts and her booty swallows thongs, making her handful of flicks must-see freakshows. Her career is gaining momentum but so far, her movies are the bomb. Check out her episode of PAWG by Bang Bros, where she clamps a very lucky water bottle between her ample cheeks…



It’s truly breathtaking. Performance-wise, she’s got the talent to become one of the best in the business. Look no further than her latest scene with Brazzers (titled Pricking Savannah’s Bubble Butt) where her monstrous, quivering culo is doused with baby oil. She even twerks while penetrated. I guarantee you’ll be sold on Savannah Fox after that.




Aside from being two of the prettiest PAWGs in the game, Brittany and Zarrah Angel have a lot in common. They’re both heavily inked-up. They’re both Burning Angel alumni. They’re both hellacious performers who give 110% in Tattooed Anal Sluts 2 (I’m telling you, this flick is the shit). Still, the colorful and charismatic Brittany Lynn is in a league all by her lonesome. Her face is exotic and the purple hair is a nice touch. Her body is well proportioned with buns that are nice and pudgy. As evidenced in the photo above, Britt has enough ass to comfortably hold a cute lil’ puppy. She can probably fit a whole litter of puppies on there.




Mia is a rising superstar and arguably the most popular starlet on this list. She’s certainly the most accomplished thus far, with her own self-titled movie dropping on Elegant Angel. Not only is she physically flawless from stem-to-stern, the flexible Malkova can be contorted into numerous positions like a sexual Slinky. Her body is slender but the rump is hefty. She kinda looks like an upgraded, sluttier version of Cameron Diaz. There’s no limit to Mia Malkova’s potential and competition should be warned: she’s only getting started.





Early on, Charlee Monroe’s catalog consisted of a lot of solo and girl-on-girl flicks, so she never really got the attention a dyme of her caliber should. But she’s galvanized her career with a flurry of hardcore boy/girl flicks, including Hello Ass, Hello White Girl for Bang Bros’ PAWG series… now her donk is getting the appreciation it so rightfully deserves. Charlee Monroe is a perfect 10 and when she walks, her chunky cheeks look like they’re fighting for position in her thong. If she increases her workload and adds a few more dimensions to her game, Charlee will easily be an All-Star in this league.


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