In America, artists in general are undervalued.  That’s why clients take forever to mail our damn checks.  But writers get s**t on the most with little-to-no pay, uncredited articles, meddling editors, PR folks who think we’re disposable…  those are the shenanigans we put up with.

So I used street tactics online & murdered the middlemen.  I’m distributing my own weight (Tony Montana-style) right here at The Spizzy.  Capos from all over the world can hang at The Spizzy and break bread.  Be part of our syndicate.  Add us to your blog roll & we’ll add you to ours.

For my thrill-seeking patrons, The Spizzy is like New York, Las Vegas, L.A., Tokyo, Thailand and Amsterdam combined… you can indulge in any guilty pleasure you choose.  Hangin’ at The Spizzy is like playing a game of Grand Theft Auto, anything goes.  But we can build and do the knowledge as well.

Life is short, let’s have a lil’ fun 🙂

-Khalid Strickland a.k.a. Black Pacino